Clinical Advisor/Registered Health Professional – Invercargill

It would be hard to find a nursing role with more variety than Registered Nurse Alyce Taylor’s!

Alyce, who is based in Invercargill, works across both Healthcare NZ Community Health and Healthcare Rehabilitation, in a role that was specially designed for her.

“I first joined Healthcare NZ Community Health as a support worker when I couldn’t find a nursing role after graduating. Eight months later a part-time nursing role came up and I was lucky enough to also be offered 20 hours a week by Healthcare Rehabilitation, to make up a full-time role,” Alyce says.

Alyce’s role sees her assessing clients for Healthcare NZ Community Health, and getting more hands on for Healthcare Rehabilitation as part of it’s Realise Nursing programme.

“I’m the only Healthcare Rehabilitation staff member in Invercargill so there’s a lot of variety. I do everything from wound management, through to catheter changes and training and support for the more complex clients. I really enjoy the clinical side of things.”

Since starting her nursing role Alyce has had plenty of opportunity to undertake training and to upskill. She regularly attends training days run by the Southern District Health Board, has completed a course at the Burwood Spinal Unit in Christchurch and has done her CPR instructor training, which now allows her to instruct other nurses and support workers.

“There are so many opportunities and the company is really open to any training and development I want to do,” Alyce says.

“As a young nurse what I like the most though is that there are so many people to learn from and everyone is always willing to help. There are a lot of really experienced nurses within the organisation and I can call upon any of them at any time.

“I’ve been very lucky to get this opportunity!” 

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