Carol and Wayne’s Story

Carol and her husband Wayne are an incredible couple, in their mid 70’s and still try almost every weekend to pack up their modified bus to go camping with family and friends. They have a busy social life and a supportive family.

Carol was booked to have a Stoma Bag inserted, which will dramatically change Carol’s life on many inspiring levels.

She was booked for surgery in Oct 2017 – this was cancelled at late notice by the hospital.

Carol was booked for surgery for the second attempt in the New Year. Carol was at the hospital, but sadly due to a hospital emergency, Carol’s operation was cancelled again. Each time there had been intense preparation and planning made to ensure Carol received best possible outcome and support during her time in hospital.

Third time lucky – Carol booked for surgery in March 2018. This time we had success. HealthCare New Zealand Service Manager Rachael Snook was leading collaborative approach and liaising with ACC and Clinical Nurse Manager at Ward 4 Whangarei Base Hospital to create a seamless plan of support for all involved.

Reports from the HealthCare New Zealand team, including Team Leader/Husband Wayne was the care in hospital was fantastic. Carol recovered from her surgery very well. Carol and Wayne stated that the level of care received in all departments was outstanding. Carol and Wayne state that they received reports from the nurses on the ward, who were incredibly grateful to have the HealthCare New Zealand Support Workers there to support Carol and teach the nurses how to use the hoist and other areas of specific needs.

They mentioned that all the nurses were extremely thankful for the HealthCare New Zealand support workers who had agreed to work with Carol in hospital to support her in her morning routine, personal cares, and also take opportunity to learn from trained Stoma Nurses while they were doing revised smaller shift as agreed upon between HealthCare New Zealand, ACC and DHB.

This is one example of an incredibly successful collaborative approach. Carol had familiar faces who are highly trained, specifically for her needs, and the alongside them, highly skilled nursing and medical teams overseeing the process and planning for Carols recovery.

Carol and Wayne mentioned that the nursing team on Ward 4 were very impressed at how well our Support Workers cared for carol and Wayne and were extremely thankful and appreciative of their added support on the daily routines on the ward.

Carol’s surgery went ahead as planned and initially, she began recovering very well, but after day 3, she developed an infection that was not relayed to the surgery, so her admission was extended.

Immediately, we were able to communicate and update the ACC Case Manager who was supportive and flexible to allowing HealthCare New Zealand to continue to provide support as per roster until Carol was formally discharged.

Carol was discharged the following week. This was a true success of complete seamless collaborative approach to ensure best practice and high quality of nursing and support was received by our client.

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