Senior Registered Nurse & ACC Designated Provider, Healthcare Rehabilitation, Dunedin (2014 recipient)

In May 2015, Dunedin based Healthcare Rehabilitation Senior Registered Nurse & ACC Designated Provider Jan Johnstone was able to attend the biannual NZ Wound Care Society conference in Marlborough thanks to the help of an HealthCare NZ learning scholarship.

Attending the conference has been beneficial for Jan by both increasing her knowledge and also for promoting HealthCare NZ. Jan learned about new treatments and processes and how this is incorporated into clinical practice. This best practice improves the outcomes for our clients and family.

In her current role, Jan is responsible for comprehensive wound assessments. By taking part in the two day course she was able to gain a wider range of knowledge to support clients, including up to date wound products and the latest advice. It also means that Jan has gained knowledge of how to support best practice in client care, and has built up her confidence to support her colleagues with clinical decisions.

The learning scholarships offered to staff of HealthCare NZ mean a lot to Jan as she also received one in 2014 to help fund the end of her studies – a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practise (Wound Management).

“I feel very grateful to have the support, as there is a very fine balance with family/work to do ongoing study. I could not have afforded this personally. It’s good to have a supportive workplace that values ongoing education. The networking with colleagues, sharing and questioning about issues as well as listening to solutions is valuable peer review and builds on my personal development. Thank you again for the continued support for continued education with the aim of supporting quality best practise client care.”

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