Meet Margie

Margie Galambos is a longstanding client of HealthCare New Zealand, who suffered a significant Traumatic Brain Injury 25 years ago. She has been supported for the last four years by our team to promote her social and physical rehabilitation goals, and to enhance positive behaviours and minimise the risk to herself and others when behaviours are exhibited that are challenging.

Fundamental to Margie achieving her rehabilitation goals has been our close working relationship with Margie’s Multidisciplinary team. This has included a clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, general practitioner, physiotherapist, and a representative from the Otago Branch of the Brain Injury Association.

When first providing support to Margie she identified her love of swimming and stated this as a long-term goal. At this time Margie was challenged with mobility issues and a fluctuating level of motivation.

Through working closely with her clinical psychologist, our support team have been educated around enhancing positive behaviours by Margie, while also developing skills to assist and promote her motivation.

The occupational therapist and physiotherapist have provided exercise regimes for Margie and education our support team / rehabilitation assistants.

The ongoing coordination and liaison with the allied health professionals has been undertaken by the HealthCare New Zealand nursing team and occupational therapist. This has been supported by a service coordinator, with regular feedback and ongoing adjustments made to her programme weekly.

As a result of this collaborative approach, Margie’s mental and physical well-being has improved, and she had her first swimming outing in February 2018.

Margie has met both her goals of improving her mobility and returning swimming, with a noted increase in self esteem.

She continues swimming weekly.

Margie stated she hadn’t felt water on her body for years, it felt lovely being surrounded by it, and it was very relaxing.

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