Our leadership

HealthCare NZ is the parent company of HealthCare New Zealand, NZCare Disability, Mental Health NZ, Explore Specialist Advice NZ, Wellcare Training NZ, Duty Calls Nursing Bureau and Solora.

We are also a partner in two joint ventures: Freedom Medical Alarms and Te Whakareia.

Our Board

Roger Sowry


Ken Douglas


Penny Catley


Our Leadership Team

Louise Zacest

Acting Chief Executive

Sean Conroy

Divisional Chief Executive, Healthcare of New Zealand

Vicki Stewart

Divisional Chief Executive, NZCare Disability

Sean Versteegh

General Manager, Explore Specialist Advice

Craig Soutar

Head of People & Systems

Richard Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Katie Latimer

Acting Head of Strategy and Service Development (Business Development)

Christine Maxwell

Acting Head of Strategy and Service Development (Quality, Safety and Clinical Services)

Our Māori Leadership Group

Our Māori Leadership Group Te Ahi Kā, has a kaitiaki (guardianship) role within HealthCare NZ.

The name Te Ahi Kā translates to ‘a burning fire’, and was gifted to HealthCare NZ by its Kaumātua Arapeta Amai, who passed away in 2014.

Te Ahi Kā provides guidance, advice and support to HealthCare NZ to maintain our level of cultural responsiveness by:

  • removing barriers to accessing services
  • inclusion of Māori values, beliefs and cultural practices in training programmes
  • supporting development of Māori staff career pathways
  • providing cultural advice and support in engaging with Māori iwi, in achieving successful health outcomes for Māori communities.

Te Ahi Kā is also responsible for the development and promotion of the HealthCare NZ Māori Health and Disability Plan.