Our services

Community Health

There’s no place quite like home. It allows you to remain close to family, friends and continue to enjoy activities in your local community.

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Disability Support

Through NZCare Disability, we provide high quality, support that’s right for you.

Our disability support services allow you to continue to be a part of their local community, keep in touch with family and friends, and do the things you enjoy.

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Nursing Services

Whether you need a nurse to help you quickly recover from an accident, or for long-term treatment at home, our personalised in-home nursing services not only address your current needs, but look at ways to help you stay safe and well.

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Positive Behaviour Support

We believe challenging behaviour is a form of communication. We support the person with the behaviour, and their family/whānau and support networks, to develop strategies to reduce the impact it has on their lives.

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When you have an accident it’s important to know that you have a support team you can trust.

Taking a goal-based approach, a registered health professional will work with you to set personal targets, and support workers will help you to achieve these goals.

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