PPE Update 31 March

HealthCare NZ has been actively working with Ministry of Health, DHBs and Unions in response to concerns regarding PPE. Today we are very pleased to announce the following:

  • New clinical guidance specific to our sector is being prepared by the Ministry and will be released in coming days
  • This guidance now includes the use of masks for staff working in close proximity to the people we support.
  • This additional PPE is being distributed by the Ministry to the DHBs starting today, and we have placed an initial order for this equipment. We are expecting the first deliveries to arrive in the coming days.
  • A full distribution plan to staff is underway, which will include ordering methods, dispatch and/or pick up locations.
  • We will be ordering more PPE from the Ministry as it is required.
  • All staff and people we support are reminded that regular hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette is the best way to keep safe and protect their health and safety.
  • We will be providing more information to our staff on Kea, our website and Learning Tree and you can also talk to your manager as well

We understand the concerns from our frontline staff regarding PPE and we strongly welcome today’s announcement from the Ministry. We continue to liaise with the Ministry and the DHB at the highest levels on this issue so our staff, who are doing an amazing job throughout our communities, feel that they have the right equipment for their jobs. Thank you for all your effort and hard work as we continue responding to Covid-19.

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