Targeted Parent Support

This is a practical time limited service. We will work with families to identify goals that support them and their child to develop new skills. The service comprises up to seven contacts (either face to face or via a video link).

Autism Parental Support

This service works best when focused on a specific issue or area of development.

For example:

  • Planning for successful transitions
  • Introducing strategies to support social understanding
  • Understanding and managing sensory differences
  • Teaching a new skill or routine

This service is not intended for children with behaviour concerns. Where this is a priority please refer to our Behaviour Support Service.

Where multiple referrals are received for different Explore programmes, Explore will review each referral and then decide which single service fit is best given the information received. We will then proceed with that one referral.

Who Can Access This Programme?

  • Families who have a child/young person aged between 0 and 18 years with an autism diagnosis.

How to apply?

Referrals for Targeted Parent Support can be made by a professional in the child’s support team such as an ASD coordinator, paediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist or your NASC coordinator.

Relevant health professionals can request a referral form by emailing a request to [email protected]

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