Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Explore can support the identification of people’s developmental needs through cognitive and neurodevelopmental assessment. Explore is contracted nationally to complete Intellectual Disability Diagnostic Assessments (IDDA) and we also can assess for autism, trauma and other developmental needs.

Neurodevelopmental Assessment

As well as assessing for diagnosis we have a focus on identifying strengths and protective factors and understanding barriers to development and learning. Our assessment work is ideally linked up with other key services, such as the Ministry of Education and Child Development Services so that children receive the right support after any assessment process.

Our assessment activity will align with the following agreed standards:

  1. Bicultural and culturally appropriate practises
  2. Clear consent and explaining the kaupapa of the process with whānau / family
  3. Access to relevant medical, educational and other background information
  4. Observation across contexts (education and family contexts)
  5. Establishing a developmental history
  6. Summary of validated psychometric assessments
  7. Review and supervision with relevant clinical colleagues
  8. Reporting and recommendations
  9. Feedback of findings and recommendations

For more details about arranging an assessment, please contact us on 0800 605 001.

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