Meet our team of mental health and wellbeing specialists below.

Marie Young – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical and Neuropsychological Scope of Practise

Marie gained registration as a clinical psychologist in 1996. Her experience includes elderly and rehabilitation services, community mental health, as well as private practice.

While Marie is proficient across a range of psychological difficulties, including neuropsychological assessment, her specific areas of expertise are with dissociation and trauma – both significant traumatic events and the cumulative effect smaller adverse events can have over a lifetime.

Marie uses a range of evidence-based modalities such as CBT and ACT therapy however her main treatment approach is EMDR and she is an Accredited EMDR Clinician with EMDRNZ.

Marie also appears as an expert witness for the courts, helps train organisations, and is the clinical lead for the Gains team.

Marie is based in our Napier office.

Brylee Lamb – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical Scope of Practise

Brylee is a clinical psychologist who completed her training in 2010. Since then she’s worked with adults, adolescents and children in both the community sector and private practice. With a client-first approach, Brylee works with people of all ages, as well as their friends and family to help those affected by mental health issues to live valued lives with safety and dignity.

Her particular areas of clinical interest are working with adults and young people who have experienced trauma or abuse, and assessment and management of neurological and developmental disorders. Brylee is a trained EMDR, ACT, and DBT practitioner and also works with CBT informed interventions.

Brylee is based in our Napier office and is ACC registered.

Dr. Aleisha Atkin – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical Scope of Practise

Aleisha has been a clinical psychologist since 2010 having worked in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom before making New Zealand her home five years ago. Aleisha supports people affected by a variety of psychological difficulties including anxiety, mood disorders, as well as trauma in adolescents and adults. Aleisha has also worked in acute hospital settings, community mental health centres, and private practice.

Aleisha was previously a Triple P ‘Positive Parenting Program’ trainer across Australia, Canada, and the UK, which means Aleisha can provide expert advice to parents on parenting issues. She also offers training packages for a wide range of psychological topics for children and adults. 

Aleisha is available for court reporting and has experience in providing psychological assessments and reports for adults appearing in the criminal or family court.  Aleisha uses multiple therapy modalities, depending on her clients’ needs.

Her most common therapies are acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR).  She is ACC registered and works out of our Napier and Hastings offices.

Dr. Melissa Grouden – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical and Neuropsychological Scope of Practise

Melissa is a qualified clinical psychologist working and supporting people in mental health, correctional, forensic, and developmental disability areas. She’s trained in cognitive behaviour therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Melissa is ACC registered to work on both mental health and neuropsychological contracts. Melissa’s special interests include neuropsychology, using EMDR with clients who have experienced trauma or grief, and using ACT with clients struggling with anxiety or depression. All designed to support her clients to live safe and meaningful lives.

Melissa works with adults and adolescents and is based in our Napier and Hastings offices.

Doreen Venter – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical Scope of Practise

Doreen works from a client-centered perspective, with a focus on creating space for the individual’s journey of change and development. Her intuitive approach supports her clients on the difficult, yet necessary task of moving through challenging experiences. She has a special interest in trauma and relational work.

Doreen makes use of integrated methods informed by mindfulness and sensorimotor work, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

Doreen works in Palmerston North with adults and youth over 16 and is ACC registered.

Kym Young – Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences, Psychotherapy; Dip.Integrative Psychology (Hakomi): Member Registered with New Zealand Assn of Counsellors

ACC registered/PHO approved

Kym provides counselling and therapy for people of all ages. Her areas of expertise are sexual abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief and working with parents and their children with sexually harmful behaviours. Kym works from a collaborative, holistic approach that recognises the value that mind, body, spirit, emotions and whānau have on our overall wellbeing.

Kym works from a variety of evidence-based modalities such as Trauma Focussed-CBT, Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Hakomi (Body Somatic psychotherapy), along with incorporating creative approaches in her therapy.

Kym works from our offices in Napier and Hastings.

Matt Collier – Bachelor of Counselling, Certificate of Supervision, Basic training EMDRIA, Advanced training EMDRNZ

Matt is a full member of NZAC and EMDRNZ and his practice includes mindfulness, EMDR, CBT, and narrative approaches.

He has worked with Red Cross Refugee Trauma Recovery, supporting refugees who have experienced persecution, war, and torture.

At the NZ Aids Foundation, Matt worked with client issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, sexual identity, gender identity, sexual health, and living with an HIV diagnosis.

He volunteered at Pomare Union Health Hutt Valley, and in this role worked with client issues including, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sexual trauma, and refugee experience.

Matt also worked as an intern at Wesley Inner City Counselling Service, with client issues including depression, anxiety, familial violence, and sexual trauma and was also an intern at the Community Alcohol and Drug Service, and Opiate Treatment Service CCDHB.

Matt works with adults and adolescents and is based in our Napier and Hastings offices.

Juanita Heath – NZ Registered Psychologist in the Clinical and Neuropsychological Scope of Practice

Juanita gained registration as a clinical psychologist in 1998. She has spent 22 years working for residential and hospital based rehabilitation services as part of a multidisciplinary team providing services to individuals with traumatic brain injury and other complex health conditions. Her work in these settings included undertaking neuropsychological assessment, providing behavioural support services, pain management and specific therapy for individuals and their families. She has also undertaken neuropsychological assessments of medical practitioners for the Medical Council.

Since moving to Hawkes Bay in 2010, Juanita has provided community based psychological therapy services. In the past five years she has completed training in advanced therapy approaches for individuals with single incident trauma, sexual abuse and complex trauma and is an Accredited EMDR Clinician with EMDRNZ.

She has expertise and interest in a number of areas including, trauma, neuropsychological assessment, brain injury rehabilitation, pain management and adjustment to illness and disability. She uses a range of evidence based therapy techniques including ACT, CBT and EMDR.

Juanita works with adults and adolescents and is based in our Napier and Hastings offices.


For more information contact the Gains team, call: (06) 835 6631.

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