Residential Disability Support

If your family/whānau choose to live in one of our residential homes, we have well-trained staff to support them.

We can help them get to know their flatmates, provide support as they go about their daily activities and be on hand in the running of their home.

Residential Disability Support

Individual needs

For any specific wishes or needs, we’ll work with you and your family/whānau to create a tailor-made service plan, again, always designed to enhance quality of life, wellbeing and the ability to enjoy independence.

How to access our residential support services

Firstly, you’ll need to be referred to us by your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) organisation. Or contact us on 0800 101 057 or

Intensive Support Services (Bespoke/Individual services)

NZCare Disability provides Intensive Support Services for Children/Tamariki, Young people/Rangatahi and adults who present with high and complex needs that span health, disability and social issues.

The Intensive Support framework ensures that services are developed to meet individual needs and manage risk.

This robust framework is designed to create a service that acknowledges and supports the high and complex needs of the individual and is focused on a pathway and transition to independence in the community.

For more information on our Intensive Support Services call us on 0800 101 057.


The Navigate service is a Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Service (RIDSAS). We provide intensive rehabilitative support to people with intellectual disabilities who have complex behaviour and/or who may have offended.

Our focus is to support them to develop the practical skills they need to move forward in life. We provide a safe and supportive environment, and a comprehensive training pathway.

For more information on The Navigate service call us on 0800 101 057.

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