Sharleen has been a part of HealthCare NZ for 17 years and is currently a Support Worker at Birchwood Farm in Christchurch where she takes great pride in the community garden that has evolved over time with the help of support workers and the people they support.  Since it’s small beginnings, the garden has been a welcome addition as well as a fantastic learning tool for all involved. Sharleen’s experience in working in the garden inspired her to take her gardening expertise a step further, and this year she applied for a Learning Scholarship to gain her NZQA level 3 horticulture certificate, which she has just been granted. Once qualified, Sharleen will be able to oversee a programme at Birchwood Farm offering the people they support an NZQA Level 1 Horticulture Course allowing them to grow and develop their own skills and knowledge.

NZCare Disability Group Manager Vicki Stewart thought Sharleen deserved a few more learning aids and also presented her with horticulture and cooking books as well as some equipment to use in the gardens with the people she supports . Sharleen said she is “very much looking forward to completing the course”.

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