Healthcare NZ Community Health Service Coordinator, Nelson

Service Coordinator Shirley Keen says no two minutes of her job at Healthcare NZ Community Health are the same, let alone any two days!

As a Service Coordinator Shirley’s day-to-day role involves coordinating services for people in the Nelson region who are supported by Healthcare NZ Community Health and matching support workers to their needs.

“There’s a lot of variety, which I really enjoy. I get to meet and support a really diverse range of people – the youngest person I support is just four years old, and the oldest is 100!” Shirley says.

Shirley joined the team just ten months ago but is already having a big impact. She recently won a community award for her recruitment of support workers, through disability employment agency Workbridge.

“It’s really rewarding to get positive feedback from clients about the service they are getting and to achieve good outcomes for them. It’s the people side of things I enjoy the most.”  

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