2018 Attitude Awards

The Attitude Awards are the national awards that celebrate the achievements of people who live with disability. The aim of the event is to shine a spotlight on the disability sector, and draw attention to the one in four New Zealanders who live with disability.

The Awards celebrate artists, sportsmen and women, people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues, young and old. They also pay tribute to the employers who work alongside people with disabilities to ensure they are able to contribute their skills to society and live full and satisfying lives.

HealthCare NZ, alongside our specialist organisations NZCare Disability, Solora and Explore Specialist Advice, was proud to sponsor the Spirit of Attitude Award category at the 2017 Awards, won by Geneva Hakaraia-Tino. We look forward to the 2018 Awards.

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Dementia Auckland

Our specialist organisation Healthcare NZ Community Health supports Dementia Auckland. The organisation’s vision is to inspire people to live well with dementia. As a key player in the dementia journey, Dementia Auckland supports people with dementia and their family/whanau through a range of services across the greater Auckland region

Dementia Key Workers offer intensive support and practical strategies for the carer of a person with dementia, including home visiting, telephone consultations, and support groups. The Living Well with Dementia Socialisation team offers meaningful and interest based activities throughout the area, providing the person with dementia opportunities for friendship and activity, while providing respite for the carer. The Education team provides in-depth information and strategies to carers, the general community and to other service providers.

Police Manager’s Guild Trust

Established in 1997 as a charitable trust, the Police Managers’ Guild Trust provides straightforward, useful information that helps people avoid becoming victims of crime and works toward a safer community for you, your families and your businesses.

The Trust achieves this by educating communities through the use of its annual Police Managers’ Guild Trust Journals, this website resource and through strategic alliances with the business community.

These cover themes such as Drug and Alcohol awareness, Family Violence, building a Safer Community together, Better Parenting, Crime Prevention, and Child Safety.