HealthCare New Zealand

Offering you rehabilitation and community health services – including nursing – HealthCare New Zealand has around 5,500 skilled and trained Support Workers across the country.

It is important to us that you receive the right support that meets your unique needs, and we are dedicated to helping you get on with living your life in your own home.

Our rehabilitation and nursing teams are uniquely skilled in highly complex, serious injury support services, while our community health team can provide home care, personal care and other support that lets you stay close to your family and friends, favourite activities, routines and community.

We are united by our commitment to supporting you to live as independently as possible, whether the challenges you face are temporary, or long-term.

Te Whakareia

HealthCare New Zealand is a proud partner in the Bay of Plenty Community Health Alliance – Te Whakareia, a group of five trusted local healthcare providers who together have over 100 years’ experience supporting people in their homes.

The Alliance’s range of healthcare providers offer support across the entire Bay of Plenty region. We work together to ensure all your health and wellbeing needs are continuously met. Our restorative approach to health means we support you to be independent, care for yourself and participate within your community for as long as possible.