Disability Services

Disability Services

We provide the highest quality of disability services to support Kiwis to live their best lives and achieve the outcomes they choose.

Explore Specialist Advice – Disability and Autism

Explore’s vision is to empower people to live great lives. We do this by partnering directly with people, their family/whānau, and wider support networks to provide high quality, evidence-based education, and positive behaviour support services that build on people’s existing strengths and resources. We adopt ethical approaches that promote human rights, equity and inclusion in society. 

NZCare Disability

Our Disability Support reflects our belief that all New Zealanders deserve to be as independent as possible by creating a personalised approach that fits in with their life.

NZCare’s mission is to provide support in partnership with people with disabilities and their whānau, to support them to have a lifestyle that promotes choice, rights, culture, dignity and learning.

That’s why everything we do is designed to enable people with disabilities to be part of their local community, connect with family and friends, and do the things they enjoy.

For more information on our services click on the icons below.

  • Explore - Autism Support Icon

    Autism Services

    Programmes that support parents, caregivers, and whānau to understand autism and develop the skills that help

  • Explore Specialist Advice

    Specialist positive behaviour support for people with disabilities/autism, their whānau and support services

  • NZCommunity Living

    NZCare and Geneva Community Living have come together to form NZCommunity Living, an organisation dedicated to supporting people with disabilities in New Zealand.

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