Community & Rehabilitation

Community and Rehabilitation

Community Services

Our Community and Rehabilitation Services help support Kiwis in need to reach their full potential and live an independent, happy life.

We’ve been enabling that independence for over 30 years now, through a comprehensive range of community based, in-home services.

So, if you or someone you love, whether young or elderly, needs help and support in their own home, we think you’ll make the right choice with HealthCare NZ.

Here’s a few examples of the everyday things you may need support with

  • Washing, dressing, grooming and toileting
  • Home help tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, washing and doing dishes
  • Preparing and managing meals
  • Taking medication safely
  • Exercises that will increase your mobility, strength, coordination and confidence
  • Supporting aged relatives to achieve mobility goals such as walking confidently to the park
  • Learning new skills to manage symptoms of any illness you may have, such as breathing exercises for people with respiratory problems
  • Keeping socially connected, such as being part of a community group, club or activity programme

What’s more, we also offer a range of nursing services to support any medical needs – both short-term and long-term.

For information on how to access our community and rehabilitation health services, talk to your GP
or call 0800 002 722.

Rehabilitation Services

Our ACC Rehabilitation Services support people to recover from their injuries or achieve their maximum level of independence and quality of life.

Our services include

  • Providing short-term independence support: we accept after hours referrals and can arrange prompt support for your client
  • Support to return to independence: we work alongside clients to develop person-centred service plans that identify their rehabilitation goals and aspirations
  • Support to maximise independence: our partnership approach to goal-setting and service planning means that we work with you, your client and their family/whānau to provide appropriate ongoing support that meets their identified goals for independence. Each client receives a team of trained support workers, all overseen by a registered nurse and/or allied health professional
  • Specialist Community Nursing Services: our professional nursing team has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to meet your clients’ injury-related needs
  • National coverage: we provide nationwide coverage with localised branches in every region of NZ

For more information or to make a referral:

Call our dedicated National Referral Centre on 0800 001 997
or fax us on 0800 001 996.

Community & Rehabilitation

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