Companionship for Elderly

Personal connection is one of our most fundamental needs as humans but as we get older, the risk of becoming socially isolated increases. Whether because it’s harder to get out and about or due to a shrinking social circle, seniors can find themselves missing the essential benefits of companionship. That’s where we can help. Our companionship services provide a social lifeline for those who might otherwise find themselves isolated from this essential part of the human experience.

How does in home companion care work?

When you reach out to HealthCare NZ for companionship care, our care coordinators will consult with you to find out more about you, your lifestyle, and your needs, so they can look to connect you with a support worker that’s just right for you and craft an individualised care plan that suits your unique circumstances. This means companionship care will look a little different for each of the people we support, having been mindfully tailored to fit individual needs.

In every case, the most important aspect of in home companion care is ensuring that the seniors in our care regularly have vibrant, meaningful social interactions, and assistance to improve their quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Benefits of companionship for elderly people

It should come as no surprise that having someone to regularly talk to and spend time with makes a hugely positive difference for seniors. Each person will get something slightly different out of senior companion care, but there are a handful of key benefits which are commonly experienced by many of the people we support.

Increased social interactions: Having someone to head out with can be hugely helpful in encouraging someone to broaden their social horizons and try new things, which can open the door to new experiences, new hobbies, and new friendships.

Emotional support: Research shows that almost a third of elderly New Zealanders who live alone experience loneliness, but even a few hours of personal connection in a week can make a genuine difference. This can be particularly valuable for those experiencing illness, loss, or other challenging circumstances.

Mental health boost: Having someone to talk to, laugh with, or simply pass the time with has a huge effect on our mental health, and can have a transformative effect on anxiety and stress levels as well as raising a person’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Improved physical health: According to studies, companionship also has a positive effect on physical health as well. Noted benefits include boosted immune systems, decreased blood pressure, and reduced risk of heart disease.

Improved brain function: Keeping mentally and socially active can have real benefits for your brain, including improved memory, better cognitive function, and general brain health.

What’s included in our companionship services?

HealthCare NZ’s companionship services are tailored to the people we support, with the aim of providing the type of care that’s right for each individual. Our skilled, compassionate support workers make a real difference in the lives of people across New Zealand, offering companionship in a variety of ways including:

Conversation: Sometimes a friendly face and a listening ear is all we really need. Whether it’s sharing stories about the grandkids, discussing the big game on the weekend, or just talking about the weather, it’s so important to have someone you can chat to.

Reading: For many, reading is one of life’s great joys – but impaired eyesight and other conditions can make reading more difficult as we age. We’re here to make sure you can still savour the stories, news, and personal updates that you love.

Playing games: We never really grow out of playing games. Whether it’s “Checkmate”, “Rummikub!” or “Do not pass GO, do not collect $200” that gets you excited, our Companionship carers are here to join you in the fun.

Going for a walk: Getting out and about is great for body and mind, and even better with company. We’d love to accompany you in heading out for some fresh air, sunshine, and gentle exercise, making it easier for you to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Day-to-day tasks: As well as our more traditional Companionship services, our support workers can also help out with simple but key tasks like grocery shopping, running errands, or preparing meals.

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