Learning and development

At HealthCare NZ we are committed to providing high quality learning and development opportunities for all people within our organisation.

Direct support training

We have a number of NZQA qualification programmes for people who make up our direct support teams. These programmes are delivered either in a face-to- face facilitated programme or via eLearning. We know that sector qualifications are important but don’t make up the full picture of what needs to be completed to be able to support the diverse range of people we support. This is why we also have a large number of specialised non-NZQA programmes designed to build increased knowledge and skills across topics like dementia, positive behaviour support, Autism Spectrum Disorder and communication.

Our team of skilled facilitators are there to support everyone during their learning. If you get stuck, you will always have someone to talk too. This means we know you are going to be successful in your training.

NZQA training for direct support staff.

People capability training

We’re committed to developing our people as leaders, right across HealthCare NZ. We continue to develop new opportunities for leaders to learn new skills and implement them in meaningful ways in their day-to- day work.

All programmes are based on our leadership competency framework which means that we have sustainable programmes that are future-focused and positively build on the quality services that we provide within our community.

Our programmes include:

  • New Manager’s Induction: focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers at HealthCare NZ.
  • Accelerating Leadership programme: enhancing managers’ leadership skills.
  • Executing Strategy programme: focuses our senior leaders on building sustainable and people-centric change in a time of increased ambiguity.
  • Recruiting for Success: training recruiters in ways to attract and interview the best candidates for the job.
  • Developing the skills of others: focuses on building practical skills for people who are accountable for skills training within their service.
  • Peer to Peer Coaching: develops individuals’ coaching abilities and enables them to be a peer coach for a colleague.

Developing our leaders.

HealthCare NZ Learning Scholarships

Each year we invite people from across HealthCare NZ to apply for a HealthCare NZ Learning Scholarship. The scholarships provide financial assistance towards qualifications or recognised programmes from the following areas:

  • Emerging manager
  • Leadership
  • Māori/Pasifika
  • Professional specialisation (for example human resources, accountancy)
  • Clinical/specialised support.