When you have an accident it’s important to know that you have a support team you can trust.

Taking a goal-based approach, a registered health professional will work with you to set personal targets, and support workers will help you to achieve these goals.

Our team is uniquely skilled in highly complex, serious brain injury and spinal injury support services, and can support you to live as independently as possible. Your support team is trained with the skills specific to your injury needs.

Examples of activities or daily needs you may need support with include:

  • washing, dressing, grooming and toileting
  • household tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, washing and doing dishes
  • preparing and managing meals
  • taking medication safely
  • exercises that will increase your mobility, strength, coordination and confidence
  • assistance to achieve mobility goals such as walking confidently to the park
  • learning new skills to manage symptoms of any illness you may have, such as breathing exercises for people with respiratory problems
  • keeping socially connected, such as being part of a community group, club or activity programme.

We also offer nursing services and allied health services (such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy) to meet your short term or ongoing medical needs.

How to access this service

Rehabilitation support is offered by our HealthCare New Zealand division. To get a referral through ACC, speak to your doctor. We also accept private clients – contact HealthCare New Zealand.

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